A Look at the NFL - Week 7

Here is a quick look at some best practices and unique tactics from around the NFL during Week 7:

Unique Press Box Branding - The San Francisco 49ers found a unique entitlement partner for their press box at Candlestick Park.

Unique Premium Giveaways/Offers - Eagle fans love their Yuengling. Could we potentially see corporate partners (who have rights to marks, etc.) soon begin offering redemption programs offering fans a replica jersey with the company's name on the back?

If fans become receptive to such a promotional offer, it could serve as a great way for companies to receive some non-traditional branding in-venue - the success of such an offer is largely dependent on the brand (e.g. it could potentially work very well for Seattle Seahawks-Jones Soda but probably not for the Charlotte Bobcats-Bojangles)

Unique Ways to Leverage Corporate Partners - Does your organization currently have an Official Cigar sponsor? The Washington Redskins have collaborated with Club Macanudo to bring cigars to the tailgating fans by having staffers circle the parking lots on golf carts with cigars for sale... The marketing tactic is a great way to drive awareness for the Club Macanudo Cigar Bar, located between Sections 306-308 at Fed Ex Field and deliver value to the fans!

Unique Ways to Sell Products - Football fans in DC have fallen in love with a unique version of ladder golf, the NFL Ladder Golf Toss

Unique Ways to Drive Impressions - Looking to drive attention to your sign in-venue? Work with your corporate partners to situate a band (or another form of entertainment) in front of it. By having signage that is perched just above the group entertaining fans in-venue (e.g. the Toyota signage in the photo below) you are guaranteed incremental media visibility and eyeballs in-venue.