Taking a "Corporate Look" at the '08 Red River Rivalry...

Fans across the nation had the pleasure of watching one of college football's finest games of 2008 - the Red River Rivalry between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. The contest, traditionally played at the Cotton Bowl, featured some exciting action on and off the field for consumers to enjoy. Enclosed below is a breakdown of some of the sponsorship, activation, and branding highlights from the game:

Halftime Card Display - At halftime, fans in attendance took out colored sheets of paper that were placed at their seats prior to the game that spelled out "Boomer Sooner", displayed the University of Texas longhorn logo, and the Carl's Jr. logo.

Light Signage - Each of the major light fixtures at the Cotton Bowl were adorned with corporate signage. The signage received tremendous coverage on ABC.

Unique Ticket Branding - Tickets for the Red River Rivalry featured an AT&T branded logo that extended outside the traditional ticket size

Unique Rock Band Mobile Display - A Rock Band mobile display was featured outside the Cotton Bowl for fans to enjoy. The mobile, which tours State Fairs across the country, provided fans with a unique entertainment piece prior to the game.

Branded Team Planes - The planes transporting the teams, cheerleaders, and support staff were branded with the Red River Rivalry logo

Ample AT&T Activation On-Site - AT&T has done a tremendous job driving value out of this property. The wireless company featured an ample amount of activation/branding in-venue and outside the stadium gates

Branded Trash Cans on the Sideline - Trash cans situated on the sidelines prominently displayed Texas State Fair branding. This idea can be benchmarked by teams looking to leverage waste management partners.

New Fashion Trends? Female Oklahoma fans wore dresses featuring the words "Boomer" and "Sooner" - outfits made for fans to go to the game in pairs... Are there similar clothing schemes that can be made for your institution/property?