Increase Your Brand's Relevancy In-Broadcast...

Are you looking for ways to enhance your brand's relevancy in-broadcast?

Toyota had similar objectives in early 2008 when it collaborated with Conill and FoxSports en Espanol to create an integrated advertising campaign in-broadcast to promote the launch of the new Toyota Corolla.

The campaign, termed "The Lineman" incorporated action-packed banners into the live programming of the Copa Libertadores tournament positioned strategically in the lower frame of the screen, seamlessly integrating :15-second entertaining videos that looked like they were part of the action:

  • In one, a flag-waving lineman is distracted from the match by a huge billboard of the 2008 Corolla on the field.
  • In another, a photographer shooting the match stops to stare at the billboard.
  • The third video features a player warming up to go into the game, until he sees the Corolla sign.

The realism in each of the videos make the television viewer believe that the lineman, reporter, and a substitute player are truly distracted by their love for the new Toyota Corolla. The piece was so well done, it recently won Advertising Age's 2008 Best of Show Award.

To see the clip, click here (disregard the Spanish messaging/commentary - just watch 1:00 mark) - this non-traditional sports advertising is a "must see"!