How are Products Sold to Consumers at Your Venue?

When products are not selling well at your venue, how often do you think to re-tool its method of delivery?

In some cases, a slight change might do the trick. To spike product sales:

  • Find ways to demonstrate to fans that you value the product you are selling to them (e.g. the Guinness example below)
  • Find unique ways to make the buying process an experience (e.g. the Boston Clam Chowder example below)
  • Find innovative ways to differentiate the product from others in-venue (if hot dogs are a high margin item that you want to push at your baseball stadium, find unique ways to sell consumers on the fact that it is a baseball past time to take in a game with a hot dog in your hand)

Here are two (2) examples of unique methods of product delivery in-venue:

Guinness Holder - Hong Kong Stadium

Guinness found a way to enhance their method of delivery at Hong Kong stadium - simply changing the packaging that it used to deliver its products. Instead of having beer vendors deliver its Guinness product in mass trays (which we typically see in the United States), it distributed specific beer holders to demonstrate to fans that they should receive the perfect pour and no beer will go to waste in the delivery process... Talk about picking your brand up a notch at the ballgame!


Soup Delivery - Fenway Park

It's one thing to say that you ate New England Clam Chowder at Fenway Park (pretty unusual, eh?). It's another to say that you were served New England Clam Chowder at Fenway Park by a vendor who balanced and delivered it on their head.

Are there other unique products that your organization can take from the concourse level and offer to fans in the ballpark via vendors? Fans have become so accustomed to receiving beer, peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, soda, and pretzels from vendors roaming the stands - but are there higher margin items that your property can also sell to fans sitting in their seats? Especially if we are talking about a product that you are introducing to fans at your venue for the first time? It is a thought worth considering...