Looking to Integrate TV Characters and Personalities Into Your Event?

Is your property looking for new ways to entertain fans? Are you looking for unique ways to leverage television characters and personalities in an effort to drive fan excitement?

The Los Angeles Kings have utilized Cartman, a character on the hit television show South Park, as a means to entertain fans during its home games at the Staples Center. The team features Cartman in a :30 vignette on the jumbotron that leads Kings fans to scream "Go Kings Go".

The success of the Cartman skit opens the door for a number of new opportunities to leverage television shows, movies, and other media at sporting events. There is an untapped opportunity for properties to seek new revenue streams through media partnerships - everything from sponsorship dollars (in-venue signage/integration) to cross-promotions to premium giveaways on-site.

Check out how the Kings have effectively used Cartman as a means to drive fan excitement over the past few years: