The Colorado Eagles Offer an Ultimate Benchwarmer Experience...

Is your organization looking for new ways to bring fans to the performance level? Is your property, pending league rules, looking for new ways to generate incremental revenue?

The Colorado Eagles of the Central Hockey League (CHL) offer its fanbase an ultimate hockey experience - a chance to catch all of the action for an entire game in between the Colorado Eagles and the visiting team's benches.

The Colorado Eagles "Benchwarmers" offer enables one (1) fan to experience the action with three (3) of his/her friends for a price tag of $400. If the team sells that package for all 41 games during the season, that generates an additional $16,400 (not mentioning the fact that they can feature it as a major element in a sponsorship package and/or tie it into a team sweepstakes)

The Colorado Eagles' market the exclusive opportunity as a chance to "witness a hockey game like you've never seen" and "hear the coaches and players as they come on and off the ice"