Can State Farm Take their Signage to the Next Level?

Are you looking for unique ways to take your signage to the next level?

With LED and static signage becoming so common in today's sports marketplace at all levels of play, it's easy to see how fans attending games can tune it out. Sports marketers are now being tasked with creating new ways to utilize these branding pieces to escape from the clutter and engage consumers.

State Farm and other insurance companies that spend large sums of dollars on sports sponsorships (Allstate, Geico, etc.) have a unique opportunity to engage consumers by making their field signage an interactive component. State Farm can create a promotion that rewards one (1) lucky fan with free insurance coverage for a year if a player in the outfield makes a catch while crashing into the State Farm signage (as demonstrated in the picture to the right, simulating that State Farm is there when a player crashes into the wall.

To drive awareness for the offer, State Farm can create custom signage (e.g. "Be Alert Before Crashing, State Farm is Here") and utilize the video board and/or a stadium emcee to promote the incentive for fans. The insurance company can simulate the experience for fans by offering a "soft wall" in the concourse level that fans can crash into while trying to catch a ball (or offer a green screen opportunity for fans to have their picture taken looking like they are crashing into a State Farm sign on an outfield wall). 

If the company wants to open up an offer to a group of fans, every time a player crashes into a State Farm sign, a designated section can win an exclusive prize from State Farm (autographed State Farm baseball, State Farm-branded rally towels, exclusive meet-n-greet with the player who crashed into the signage, etc.)   

The same promotional positioning can be applied to NASCAR (ifa drivercrashes into the State Farm branded secton of the wall) and hockey(if a player gets hit into a State Farm dasherboard).