A Look at the NFL - Week 9

Here is a quick look at some best practices and unique tactics from around the NFL during Week 9:

Ravens Remember the Troops - The Baltimore Ravens honored the U.S. troops fighting in Iraq on Sunday by featuring a live feed from the U.S. Tallel Air Base in Iraq on the team's jumbotron (a great way to honor the troops and leverage military-related sponsors). The video board segment was part of the team's Iraq Soldier Family Reunion initiative

NFL Uses "Soccer Signage" During Saints-Chargers Game at Wembley - To drive awareness of the NFL's 2008 slogan (Believe in Now) and the two (2) teams competing in the league's 2nd game at Wembley Stadium, the NFL used traditional soccer signage during pre-game festivities. It is only a matter of time before this type of signage is implemented in the United States.

The NFL Features A Float at Wembley - The NFL featured a float that circled the field at halftime during the Chargers-Saints game played at Wembley Stadium. Enabling sponsors to brand floats that circle the field (in baseball/football) is an additional piece of inventory that teams can provide sponsors (this can be implemented during select games (e.g. Sunday games), throughout the season, or on a special day (July 4th)

Broncos Celebrate Touchdowns with Explosions - When the Denver Broncos score touchdowns at Invesco Field, the team blasts fire explosions from the top of the stadium - hopefully the team can get creative with a sponsor to brand the celebration!

Eagles Feature Branded Jet - The Philadelphia Eagles have collaborated with US Airways to brand their team jet... If your property forms a partnership with an airlines sponsor, this is a piece of inventory to consider including in the agreement.

Dr. Pepper Gets Creative with its Branding - Dr. Pepper has come out with some pretty unique football-themed cans to drive sales

Jets In-Game Announcer Uses Branded Backdrop - Are you looking for ways to deliver incremental visibility for your partners in-game? The NY Jets feature a sponsor-branded backdrop behind their in-game host... A pretty interesting way to drive some more eyeballs towards your sponsors on the jumbotron!