Heinz is the King of Interactive Video Board Elements...

Is your brand looking to own an interactive video board element? Is your property looking to drive fan awareness and excitement for when your team is in the Red Zone?

Currently, there isn't a better interactive video board element in all of sports than the Heinz Red Zone.

Heinz collaborated with the Pittsburgh Steelers to build two (2) 35-foot-long Heinz Ketchup bottles that sit atop the jumbotron at Heinz Field. Every time the Steelers enter the Red Zone (the battleground between the end zone and the 20-yard line), the two (2) giant ketchup bottles tilt downward and flip their lids, filling the scoreboard with the virtual equivalent of 1,664,000 fluid ounces of Heinz ketchup.

The interactive video board element spurs the hometown Steeler crowd to go wild and does a great job enhancing the overall game experience for fans. Heinz supports its in-game interactive element with a unique website that captures facts that relate the company with the history of the Steelers organization.

Check out a video below of the Heinz ketchup bottles in action: