Are You Capitalizing on Marketing Through Different Modes of Transportation?

Are you looking to market your brand through non-traditional channels? Are you looking for new ways to penetrate the local marketplace?

As companies continue shifting their traditional advertising dollars (television, radio, etc.) into more non-traditional means and live marketing experiences, the transit industry has begun to experience a boom in new advertising revenues.

 Why? Companies are trying to ingrain their brands in people's every day lives and are doing so by placing them everywhere from subway turnstiles to digital banners on buses to branded automobiles. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was able to generate $106MM in ad revenue alone in 2007 and plans to generate nearly $125MM in 2008 (Source: Advertising Age 10.28.08).

What does this mean for sports marketers?

Different modes of transportation are becoming a more relevant means to market properties, brands, and ticket/sales promotions to every day consumers. As companies continue to find buses, subways, taxis, and other modes of transportation increasingly relevant for marketing their messaging, new technologies will soon follow. The Chicago Transit Authority is planning to equip 100 city buses and all 144 rail stations with 1,500 digital displays by the summer of 2009.  

Looking for ideas on ways to capitalize on this phenomenon?

Here are some examples of sports properties using different modes of transportation to market their brands: