Bloomington PrairieThunder Score With "Goals for Gas" Promotion...

Is your organization looking for a way to capitalize on high gas prices?

The Bloomington PrairieThunder of the International Hockey League (IHL) created a "Goals for Gas" promotion that is paying huge dividends with fans. The team partnered with FS Fast Shop gasoline stations in Bloomington, IL to provide fans with two (2) cents off per gallon (for up to10 gallons) per goal on their gas purchase each time the team scores during games played at home.

Thus, if the Prairie Thunder score four (4) goals in a home game, fans receive eight (8) cents off a gallon of gas for up to 10 gallons during a 24-hour period after the stated time and date on the game ticket. Consumers simply have to show their game ticket to the gas station attendant to receive the promotionals discount, but are limited to one (1) discount per game. The team is also offering a drawing at each of its games played at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum where fans can have the chance to win a $500 gas card.

While 80 cents (off a $50 expense at the pump) may not appear to be an impactful offer, discounts on gas seem to have a different impact on consumers than traditional offers at retail... consumers gravitate to the fact that they have a chance to win the price war at the pump. Properties can consider implementing similar promotions for basketball (field goals for gas) and racing (laps for gas).