Ignite Fan Message Boards...

Are you looking to ignite your fan message boards? Are you looking to generate positive buzz for your organization amongst your most avid and thunderous fan base?

Properties should consider offering exclusive promotions for fans that fill up team message boards on a daily basis. Teams can offer these users (who often become very vocal and respected in the online realm) with online ticket offers (using a limited edition promotional code), exclusive meet-n-greet opportunities (information can be obtained from user profiles), and leftover premium items.

When the team is not performing well and the media is becoming skeptical of personnel within the organization, it is important to maintain the support of the team's avid supporters and little incentives can make all of the difference.

Teams should also consider bringing supporting partners into the mix to help drive some positive buzz their way. For example, the Columbus Blue Jackets could collaborate with team partner Huntington Bank to create a "Take It to the Bank" promotion that is advertised on the team's message boards. For a limited time online, the Blue Jackets and Huntington Bank could offer a deal where fans can redeem each of their ticket stubs for $1 at a specific Huntington Bank location (meaning they could walk away with $45 at the end of the season). A little value can go a long way with fans, especially if teams are anticipating a long off-season.

Many team Presidents and General Managers have implemented such initiatives - usually to much success. Properties can offer their avid online users a variety of offers (listing a promotional code on the discussion board for a limited time) - $10 off tickets, free lower bowl seat when purchasing an upper bowl seat, loaded tickets, discount on concessions/merchandise, all-you-can-eat offers, meet-n-greet opportunities, etc. 

Turn discussion board conversations in your favor with simple, yet effective tactics!