Are You Capitalizing on the Penalty Box?

Are you looking for new ways to leverage the penalty box? Are you looking to create ownable destinations in-venue?

While many hockey players hate putting their team at a disadvantage while sitting in the penalty box, many fans would dream of such an opportunity. Hockey team representatives need to fully understand this demand and create promotions and ownable destinations built around the penalty box.

How? Enclosed below are some ideas:

I. Create a Penalty Box Promotion

  • Colorado Eagles - The Colorado Eagles of the CHL collaborated with Accent Windows in 2004 to sponsor a penalty box promotion. Consumers could register for the chance to win two (2) tickets to a Colorado Eagles game, in which they had the opportunity to sit with the scorekeeper in the penalty box during the second period. Winners also received an autographed puck.
  • San Antonio Dragons - The San Antonio Dragons (IHL, '96-'99) created a promotion where the team's mascot would scour the stands and haul an unsuspecting attendee who was being extremely quiet or wearing the opposing team's colors to a fan penalty box, sponsored by Miller Brewing, situated behind one of the goals.
  • Nashville Predators - For a $100 donation to the Nashville Predators Foundation, fans may sit in the penalty box during the pre-game warmups (the Tampa Bay Lightning offer a similar experience for groups of 75)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets - The Columbus Blue Jackets offer one (1) select reader of the Columbus Dispatch the chance to win two (2) tickets, the opportunity to sit in the penalty box during warmups, and an autographed hats for Heroes hat through the Dispatch Readers Rewards program.
  • Atlanta Thrashers - The Atlanta Thrashers are offering a penalty box experience during a 2008 home game as part of the grand prize package of the Gas South Become One Sweepstakes.
  • ODMHA - The Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA) is offering a Penalty Free Sweepstakes in 2008, rewarding amateur hockey teams who stay out of the penalty box. The sweepstakes, which has been implemented for 21 years, has 20 sponsors on board contributing over $100K in team prizes to teams that play a penalty-free game during the contest period

II. Offer a Penalty Box Suite (converted suite, area in the concourse) - Renovate a sponsored loge or suite to mirror a penalty box. Deliver incremental in-venue visibility for the sponsor by branding the penalty box and letting the persons seated within the penalty box eat/sample the sponsor's product for free (e.g. Miller Lite, Pepsi, Bojangles, Tim Hortons).

Sponsors could feature an "Ultimate Penalty Box area" in the concourse where four (4) select fans can sit in a replicate penalty box, watch the game, eat food/drink and receive special appearances from coaches/players pre-game, announcers/personalities in-game, and the media post-game. The fans sitting in the replicate penalty box could be featured on the video board every time there is a Power Play for the home team (PIP on the video board screen) 

III. Showcase a Penalty Box Photo Destination In the Concourse Level

Penalty Box with a Backdrop (featured at The Sports Museum of New England)

Penalty Box with a Greenscreen (featured at the NHL All-Star game in LA)

IV. Get Creative with Penalty Box Branding - Hockey teams and supporting partners have devised some very creative ways to use the penalty box as a marketing mechanism 

The Long Beach Ice Dogs (formerly of the ECHL) market a Bail Bondsman

The Columbus Blue Jackets market Tuffy with the slogan "That's a Tuffy"

The Nashville Predators use the penalty box to promote a Booze It & Lose It campaign

The Dallas Stars use the penalty box to market a healthcare partner

The St. Louis Blues use the penalty box to market The Parking Spot

V. Feature a Penalty Box Cam - In 2007, the Los Angeles Kings featured a "Penalty Box Cam" feature on the video board, showing gag videos of opposing players applying makeup, reading Oprah's magazine, doing their nails, using deoderant, eating doughnuts, taking naps, playing with Barbies, etc. after they had been sent to the penalty box. 


VI. Offer Photo Opportunities for Fans and Supporting Partners in the Penalty Box (Fan Christmas Cards, Thank You Cards to Supporting Partners)

VII. Showcase Products of Supporting Partners in the Penalty Box

VIII. Create premium items showcasing the penalty box (a bobblehead of the team's heavy hitter sitting in the penalty box)