Looking for New Ways to Promote Your Brand?

Are you looking for new ways to capture and hold the attention of consumers? Are you looking for new technologies that will help promote your brand?

360BrandVision may have all of the answers for your needs. 360Brandvision is a Las Vegas based company that designs and develops 3D Holographic images that are suspended in mid-air and can be seen in 360 degrees. The company's incredible technology has proven to be an effective medium for capturing the attention of consumers.

Sports and brand marketers alike can utilize the 360BrandVision technology for permanent displays in-venue, product launches (in-venue), POS displays at retail, trade shows, and special events. The company currently boasts an impressive list of clientele, including Adidas, BMW, Lexus, Bacardi, Microsoft, and Toyota.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the company's products:

Cheoptics360 - 360BrandVision's Cheoptics360 provides teams and brands alike a chance to promote their team/product in a 360 degree presentation display. This new consumer-facing technology would serve as an incredible interactive feature to display in the concourse/suite levels of venues.

Free Format - 360BrandVision's Free Format technology provides brand marketers with an effective medium to take their static branding to another level. The interactive technology would serve as an effective way to use blank wall space in the concourse levels to attract the attention of passerby consumers.

VideoLogo - 360BrandVision's VideoLogo technological capabilites could lead to a new wave of interactive signage featured in stadiums across the globe. The VideoLogo technology provides brands with a great way to escape the static stadium clutter (in ways similar to LED signage)

For more information on ways to promote your brand using 360BrandVision technology, reach out to Nick Vilardell, VP of Business Development for 360BrandVision at nick@360brandvision.com. This is a new wave of technology that could dramatically enhance your brand's positioning in-venue!