The Georgia Lottery Rewards Falcons Fans...

Is your organization looking for new ways to leverage a lottery partner? Is your team looking for new ways to reward fans during halftime entertainment?

The Atlanta Falcons recently teamed up with the Georgia Lottery and Harley Davidson to offer its fanbase the chance to win a Harley Davidson scratch-off ticket as a complement to the Georgia Lottery's Harley Davidson Ultimate Ride Bonus Chance Promotion.

In an effort to promote its 15th anniversary, the Georgia Lottery created a limited edition Harley Davidson instant ticket that provided four (4) finalists with the chance to win a limited edition 105th anniversary Harley Davidson fatboy and a Harley Davidson Ford F-150 truck during halftime of a recent Atlanta Falcons game. 

Four (4) trucks with motorcycles on them were driven onto the field at halftime. Each contestant selected a key, and the contestant with the key that started a truck won the truck and a motorcycle. The Falcons split the Georgia Dome into four (4) sections (Gates A, B, C, D) with each Harley Davidson truck representing a gate. Fans seated in each of the respected sections could win a free Harley Davidson scratch-off ticket if the winning truck matched their gate letter. To redeem their ticket, fans just had to visit the Georgia Dome ticket windows between Gate A and Gate D after the game.

To drive awareness for the on-field contest, the Georgia Lottery featured an enormous Harley Davidson scratch-off ticket and a large number of Harley Davidson vehicles on the Georgia Dome turf. Each of the four (4) Georgia Lottery finalists won an opportunity to participate in the grand prize event, two (2) tickets to the Falcons game, a Harley Davidson merchandise prize package, and $250 in spending money.