How is Your Brand Enhancing the Fan Experience?

Are you looking for new ways to impact/enhance the fan experience? Are you looking for a way to leverage your brand through a unique product/experience that will have a lasting impression on fans?

In 2007, Guinness found a unique way to activate its title sponsorship of the Guinness Premiership rugby match between the London Irish and Wasps. Guinness created the Guinness Elvover FS, an ergonomically designed seat that provides a glimpse into how stadium seating in the future may look, and activated its sponsorship of the match by letting consumers on-site experience the limited edition Evolver seat.

Guinness created the seat to improve comfort, aid digestion through corrective posture, and provide fans with quick-access to all the conveniences they would want while watching the game. Research behind the development of the prototype was undertaken by back experts and sports fans in association with the brewers of Guiness.

The Guinness Evolver FS includes numerous features designed to enhance the experience of watching sports live:

  • Innovative shaped seat - Encourages better posture by keeping the spine in its natural ‘S’ alignment
  • Pi-pod - A device designed to hold a pint of GUINNESS and pizza pie, allowing fans to cheer for the whole match
  • Built-in Ref!Link™ – A small keep-safe unit, providing an in-built commentary box
  • State-of-the-art cushioned material - Fabric that provides insulation on cold days
  • Program holder –  A device designed to keep game programs flat and free from spillages