Turn Your Venue Concessions into Commemorative Items...

Are you looking for ways to commemorate an historical event at your venue? Are you looking for new ways to provide relevance for your brand?

While America was sleeping, the rest of the world recently tuned in to watch the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix last weekend. The event was spectacular - Formula One cars raced through the city streets at night at speeds of 185mph+. But one of the most unique aspects of the race's festivities was the way that event organizers decided to brand water bottles distributed at the event:

This is such a great idea. Hopefully in the near future, we will see more teams work with concessions partners to create commemorative products that fans can receive at concessions stands. Why not create a limited edition concessions product that is only sold at the stadium on a historic night?

Beverage and food providers can work with teams to create unique branded products that highlight team records, player records, and historic nights at the ballpark/arena. This is a great way to deliver incremental value to fans in a non-traditional manner... Look for new opportunities where your property can deliver incremental value for fans and supporting partners!

Note: Singapore paid $150MM to host the Formula One event over the course of five years. Sixty (60) percent of the fee is being paid by the government-owned Singapore Tourism Board and the remaining forty (4) percent is coming from a private company., Singapore GP Pte.