Michigan State Fans Get Payback...

Are you looking for a creative way to capitalize on a big victory over a major opponent?

A few Michigan State fans found a way to express their bragging rights in a big way. After defeating their rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, in the Big House, the founders of www.MichiganIsOurLittleSister.com (a site run by Big Rivals, Inc.) utilized two (2) digital video boards in East Lansing and Novi, Michigan to send some messages to their Ann Arbor foes. The messages included:

  • "Where's the Arrogance Now?"
  • "Holy Toledo! Bye Bye, Bowl Streak."
  • "Pride Comes Before the Fall ... He Tried to Warn You."
  • "It's Not Over, and It'll Never Be Over Here. It's Just Starting."
  • "Oh, Well, There's Always Men's Basketball. Sorry, My Bad."

Check out a picture of the digital billboard below: