San Jose and Seagate Create BlackArmor...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage supporting corporate partners? Are you looking for unique ways to incorporate 3rd jerseys?

The San Jose recently partnered with Seagate, the world leader in storage solutions, on an unprecedented sponsorship idea. The Sharks and Seagate partnered to create and name the team's Rbk 3rd jersey "Blackarmor" for the 2008-09 season. What's unique about the name is that it coincides with Seagate's new BlackArmor product, the world's first safe portable hard drive.

To promote the launch of the jersey, the San Jose Sharks are featuring a debut countdown for 30 days (leading up to the Sharks' matchup against the Washington Capitals on November 22nd) and are enabling fans to pre-order the new jersey online or at the Sharks store.

With jersey naming rights commanding high-dollar figures, the idea of creating a jersey moniker that associates with a company product/brand provides teams with a new inventory piece to own and create revenue streams from.

The Shark's BlackArmor jersey promotion caps off a 12-year relationship with Seagate. To drive awareness for the partnership, Seagate will also host "BlackArmor Nights" and currently sponsors the Seagate "Sharks Player of the Month" and the Seagate "Sharks Player of the Year".

The San Jose Sharks will wear the BlackArmor 3rd team jerseys on 14 occasions (12 of which will be played at home) during the 2008-09 season. The team is confident that its fan base will be drawn to the distinctive look of the BlackArmor jerseys and it will result in a big win-win for both parties!

A special thanks to Kristin Toth of the San Jose Sharks for her contributions to this column.