Fans Enjoy Pitchers of Beer at Games in Cologne...

When attending sporting events, do you wish you were getting more bang for your buck at the concessions stand? Do you feel that sports organizations are ripping you off when you pay $7.00 for a beer inside the stadium/arena gates?

The Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany offers its fanbase an alternative concessions experience. Instead of having fans leave their seats throughout the game to purchase more beverages, the arena (formerly the Kolnarena) sells beer to fans in pitchers. Yes, full pitchers of beer at a time. The arena even promotes pitcher purchases by featuring pitcher holders on each of the chairbacks (check out the pictures below).

While this practice could not be implemented in the United States due to various alcohol restrictions, it is very interesting to see sports organizations from across the globe implement various processes to spur beverage sales in-venue!