Creativity Captures the Attention of Passerby Traffic...

Are you looking for creative ways to capture the attention of passerby traffic? Is your brand looking for ways to engage fans who are waiting to enter a venue or tailgating in a nearby lot?

Molson Dry created a unique billboard that captivated the minds of consumers passing by... How did they do it? They created a gigantic crossword puzzle that put consumers in control of determining the message.

What's the relevance to sports marketers? Sports properties can consider creating similar initiatives that leverage supporting corporate partners:

  • Create a large-sized crossword puzzle billboard that incorporates both team and brand content
  • Distribute crossword puzzles to fans as they enter the game that incorporate both team and brand content
    • This would be a pretty cool feature if teams had fans fill out the crossword puzzle as the game progressed (i.e. fans would have to wait until the 3rd quarter to fill out certain lines of the crossword puzzle that pertained to halftime entertainment, video board vignettes, etc.)
    • Distributing crossword puzzles that include both team and brand content can serve as a way to provide sponsors with continued fan engagement throughout the course of a game (or it could be a way for a team to incorporate all of its corporate partners!)

Check out Molson Dry's unique billboard tactic below: