The Bacon Salt Man Continues His Journey...

The Bacon Salt Man continued his streak of appearances this past weekend at the annual Washington-Washington State rivalry battle for the Apple Cup. But this time, Bacon Salt Man did more than just make an appearance at the game... He made a post-game apperance on Fox Sports Net.

The Bacon Salt Man was situated in the front row of the of the end zone with the WSU band for the game and was one of the first people over the rail after the team closed out the victory. The Bacon Salt Man stormed to the center of the field where he keenly positioned himself behind FSN reporter Jen Mueller's interview with WSU head coach Paul Wulff (garnering almost two (2) full minutes of free advertising for the brand).

During the game, J&D's Bacon Salt also featured a WSU student produced Bacon Salt commercial on the video board that proved to be a hit with fans.

Recently, the company created a YouTube video compiling great "guerrilla marketing" moments from their stops at sporting events around the country. If you have a moment, check it out:

Right now there isn't anyone doing guerrilla marketing better than J&D's Bacon Salt in the sports space... Their guerrilla tactics and effective use of social media are a benchmark example for companies looking to drive business on a low budget!