Will Ferrell's Trip To USC Drives Media Attention...

Are you looking to cross-promote an upcoming film? Are you looking for ways to shift media attention from your W-L record?

With dozens of media reporters on-hand for USC's football practice last week, Will Ferrell (aka Captain Compete) made a suprise appearance to teach the USC team a thing or two. The publicity stunt was a hit and quickly became extremely popular in the viral world, generating significant incremental publicity for the USC team.

Which leads to the thought... With dozens of media on-hand for football practice at major college/pro football programs across the nation, ample opportunities exist for movie companies to use these mediums to drive buzz for their upcoming flicks. Professional/collegiate organizations can work with movie producers to create unique ways to integrate characters and movie personalities into practice sessions (whether it's a post-practice pep talk, appearance on-site, or a stunt as seen below).

While most celebrities do not command the attention that Will Ferrell receives anywhere he goes, their suprise appearances at practice will generate incremental media attention and awareness, especially amongst the hard-to-reach 18-30 year old male demographic!