Keep An Eye On... Digital Out-of-Home Signage

Are you looking to capitalize on new trends in the marketplace? Are you looking for new ways to leverage messaging at retail?

Marketing Daily recently featured a great article on the future impact of digital out-of-home signage. As advertisers and retailers search for new, interactive ways to connect with consumers, digital out-of-home signage will continue to surface as an effective medium.

Retailers are beginning to feature digital screens throughout their stores which can key up digital signage to display relevant messages when a consumer picks up an RFID-tagged product from the shelf. In other words, if a consumer picks up a case of Pepsi with Super Bowl packaging, a digital screen above the retail display will cue up a :30 message promoting Pepsi's sponsorship of the big game and an adjoining sweepstakes.

As a result, sports properties need to begin strengthening their relationships with retailers (especially ones at a national level). As consumer engagement becomes a more critical component at retail, sports properties must work to better understand how retailers implement programs and how consumers purchase goods are retail... because for retailers, in the end it's all about selling product off the shelves.

What are the forecasts for digital out-of-home signage?

  • The Digital out-of-home advertising market is currently valued at $2.43BN, up 11% from 2007 (the market tripled in size from 2002-07)
  • The forecast for digital out-of-home advertising has ad revenue growing at a annual rate of 12% from 2007-2012, putting it at just under $3.9BN in 2010