Is Your Football Signage Relevant to Fans on Game Day?

Are you looking to drive greater fan awareness towards your signage on game day? Are you looking for unique ways to drive brand messaging?

For companies investing in the football space, consider wrapping your signage in a field goal post. As seen below, the Cleveland Browns have created an effective messaging piece that welcomes and thanks fans on their way in and out of Browns Stadium. The messaging, wrapped in a field goal post, immediately grabs the attention of fans due to its size and game day relevance...

Believe it or not, fans may not care to look at a simple billboard promoting lawn care service on their way into a stadium. Yet if that same billboard messaging was wrapped in a field goal post or placed on a large, giant football outside the stadium, it amazingly may become relevant. It's interesting what you can do with imagery to drive your product/service messaging.

Check out the Browns' signage strategy below: