Are You Targeting College-Aged Students?

Is your organization looking for ways to effectively target college-aged students? Is your property looking to enhance its marketing efforts for Student Nights?

If your organization is solely relying on email messaging to drive awareness and interest, you may want to reallocate your efforts elsewhere (experiential marketing, viral efforts, in-game entertainment/promotions targeting students, ticket discounts, etc.). A recent Student Survey by eROI reports that:

  • 66% of students (high school and college students) RARELY or never take action on marketing emails
  • Only 16% of students (high school and college students) are reading marketing emails on a frequent basis

The study also found that:

  • The preferred means of communication among students are text messaging (37%), email (26%), social networking IM (15%), instant messaging (11%), and social networking email (11%)
  • 60% of students take action upon receiving an email only if they are interested in the product
  • 47% take action if they are attracted to a special offer
  • 11% of students take action because of the design of an email

Source: Research Brief from the Center for Media Research