Leverage On-Field Performers to Drive Retail/Online Merchandise Sales...

Is your organization looking to drive awareness and excitement around a new team hat, cap, or related piece of headwear? Is your property looking to drive traffic at retail partner locations that sell hats, caps, and other apparel (e.g. Lids, Champs, the online team store, etc.).

The Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad recently featured hats during an on-field performance, which raises the question, "Why can't properties do more to complement their on-field entertainment acts with retail driving initiatives?" While dance teams perform on-field, properties can use the videoboard and/or the LED ribbonboard to feature:

  • Details on the apparel the dance team/performers are wearing
  • The retail partners where the apparel/merchandise is sold
  • An exclusive discount for the select apparel on the online team store
  • An announcement where/when the apparel/product will be launched

With on-field entertainment acts garnering a significant amount of fan attention, sports properties can leverage these individuals to promote products for both men and women. The video board can be divided into a half-screen shot of the action and a half-screen call to action for fans.

Consider new ways to tie retail/online sales around the outfits of your on-field entertainment!