Connects YOU with High School Athletes...

Is your brand looking to tap into the high school community? Are you looking to align your brand/property with high school athletes?

Take a moment to check out, an online recruiting community for high school sports that helps athletes improve their chances of getting recognized and recruited by college coaches and recruiting coordinators.

The site serves as a FREE online platform for high school athletes who are looking to showcase their talents, seek out combines/events, and connect with others. High school student-athletes can create a customized profile that displays their pictures, statistics, highlight videos, and academic information for others to see (athletes can get an upgraded profile for $9.99/month).

In addition to offering services for high school student-athletes, serves as a valuable platform for coaches and marketers/advertisers to reach a valuable, hard-to-reach target demo:


  • Coaches can use the site for free to save costs and enhance their recruiting efforts (coaches can sort by state, sport, etc.) and contact players they are interested in
  • Coaches and athletes can use an NCAA Clearinghouse Checklist to track progress and eligibility


  • offers a dynamic platform to reach high school athletes, coaches, and fans online and offline. PrepChamps enables marketers brand integration opportunities through email newsletters, blogs, headlines, banner advertising, and video.
  • also offers marketers a way to connect with High School athletes through Facebook, MySpace,, message boards, and other niche communities 

With a rising number of coaches, athletes, and fans logging on to use the site, is really gaining some steam and credibility in the high school/collegiate athletics space. recently formed a partnership with Sports International to help youth football players get recognized and recruited and also announced that Mike Trager, former Chairman of Clear Channel Entertainment Television, joined their Board of Directors. 

A special thanks to Jason Peck for his contributions to this column... Best of luck with your continued success!