Create a Landmark for Your Brand in Venue...

Is your brand looking to enhance its presence in-venue? Is your organization looking to sell different sections of your venue to pillar partners?

Upon building Ford Field, The Detroit Lions organization did an exceptional job finding a way to enable Pepsi to escape from the clutter. The organization collaborated with the folks at Pepsi to create the Pepsi Tower, a large pillar feature that has become a landmark in-venue for fans to connect, etc.

While the Pepsi Tower is not subtle by any means, it does provide some insight into ways that properties can effectively brand certain sections of their venue. For Pepsi, the Pepsi Tower serves as a great "ownership play" that demonstrates to fans that Pepsi is a premier supporter of the Detroit Lions organization.

The Lions have currently partnered with Pepsi to also offer the "Pepsi Pack", a promotional offer that enables fans to purchase two (2) upper-level seats, two (2) soft drinks, and two (2) hot dogs for just $99. The Pepsi Pack is being made available by the team for select games during the 2008 season. In addition, the Lions organization recently held the 22nd NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass, and Kick Championships for Michigan.

Click here for more pictures of the Ford Field experience (Boston Wolverine's Flickr page).