Looking to Promote a New Shoe to Fans?

Adidas could have distributed miniature premiums to promote Chauncey Billup's select Adidas TS Creater shoe.Is your brand looking to distribute a premium in-venue to drive consumer awareness and interest for a new shoe product? Is your brand looking to promote an athlete's new shoe in the marketplace?

To drive an increased level of awareness in-venue when star athlete's are wearing select models of new shoes, footwear companies should consider distributing miniature sized versions to fans. A similar tactic was created by Adidas, who was looking to promote its various lines of footwear for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. 

Footwear/apparel companies could also consider distributing similar premium items to runners at marathons. If Asics was looking to drive awareness for a new shoe model, it could distribute similar premium items (a container filled with a packet of information detailing the benefits/attributes of the shoe and a product model on top) to all runners participating in a marathon.

Consider new ways to drive awareness for your brand's attributes to consumers in a valuable way!