Seahawks Fans Receive All Access With Qwest...

Is your organization looking to provide fans with new forms of access? Are you looking to provide fans with new forms of audio and video content? Is your property looking to leverage a media partner/provider?

Qwest Communications collaborated with 361 Experiential and BurstMarketing to create an "all-access" platform that connects Seattle Seahawks fans with their favorite team. The parties teamed up to create "Qwest All Access", an innovative, branded podcast website that ties Qwest Communications' products and services back to their team sponsorship of the Seattle Seahawks. The site does an incredible job tying together Qwest's Internet, HD, and mobile services and integrating their promotional and marketing programs. 

The Qwest All Access site features a variety of media components and interactive features, including:

  • Podcast audio content (features include a 5-10 minute audio interview every Thursday with players and coaches, interviews with QB Matt Hasselback (the spokesman of the campaign), pre-season/community service reports, and custom Qwest content and radio ads
  • Fan/team photos
  • Access to team statistics
  • Option to sign up for SMS alerts to receive real-time scores
  • Behind-the-scenes information
  • Promotions

361 Experiential and BurstMarketing are distributing the site's media content through iTunes and are promoting awareness through multiple channels (press releases, in-game signage/scoreboard, social networking integration, branded email alerts, and web banner advertising on, Seattle Times Online, Seattle PI). 

A special thanks to Scott Hutchison of 361 Experiential for his contributions to this column. Keep up the great work!