Steelers Fans Love The Renegade...

Is your organization looking to create an emotional in-game video that resonates with fans? Is your team looking for new ways to drive in-game excitement?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have developed an in-game tradition of playing an in-game highlight video of defensive plays to the tune "Renegade" by Styx. The tradition began during a January 5, 2002 playoff game against the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field. With the team trailing 24-7 to their rival opponents, the Steelers' Jumbotron crew made a decision to play the slow, melodic intro of the song Renegade and it instantly lifted the spirits of all Steelers fans in attendance. The team came back to win and the song has remained a tradition ever since.

The Renegade video board clip is now played during the 3rd quarter of every Steelers home game. And the best part is, that the video works. The Steelers did not allow any opponents to score on a drive immediately following the video being shown during a game in 2008.

Check out the clip below, the organization has done an incredible job making this a centerpiece of Steelers football: