Wake Forest Athletics Rewards the Last Fan Sitting...

Is your organization looking to create a unique promotional campaign for fans?

The folks in the Wake Forest University Athletics Department recently announced a unique "Last Fan Sitting" promotion offering fans the chance to win season tickets for 15 years (a $22,000 value).

The athletics department is asking fans to come sit in a designated area of the stands at BB&T Field on January 4, 2009 for the chance to win the Football Seat Rights prize. The last fan sitting (mind you, it will be cold) will win four (4) Football Seat Rights for the entire 15-year term. The location of the seats will be determined when the winner selects first in the second year Football Seats Rights selection process. 

To be eligible to win (and participate in the promotion on January 4th), fans must go online to the WFU Athletics website and download and submit a registration form and waiver to the Deacon Club by January 2nd, 2009 and/or call for additional information at 336.758.6019

The "15-year reward" drives awareness for the athletic department's Football Seat Rights program, which allows fans to lock in a seat at BB&T Field for 15, 20, or 25 years by making a one-time per-seat donation to current and future Athletic Department capital projects.