Cavs Fans "Check-Up" On Their Favorite Players...

Is your organization looking to create a video board vignette in support of a health care partner? Are you looking for new ways to drive health care awareness and messaging?

The Cleveland Cavaliers collaborated with the Cleveland Clinic to create a unique "Cavs Check-Up" feature that the team aired during select games. The "Cavs Check-Up" provides fans with a unique look at some of the humorous personalities and rare attributes of the players on the Cavaliers roster. The messaging resonates with fans, as it's a rare side of the players that can sometimes go unseen during the spirit of competition.

The vignette could do more to push the Cleveland Clinic's services, but it does promote the health care partner's brand in a subtle way. Check out the two (2) clips below to get a feel for how the Cavaliers leveraged the Cleveland Clinic brand to create a humorous "Cavs Check-Up" feature: