Formula 1 Drives Consumer Awareness in the City...

Are you looking for new ways to drive awareness for your property in the city? Is your organization looking for new ways to garner media attention?

In an effort to drive awareness for Singapore's first Formula 1 race, event organizers created a unique bus stop advertising display that drew the attention of consumers across the globe.

The marketers transformed a normal bus stop in downtown Singapore (outside of Tangs) into an advertising centerpiece for the Formula 1 event using a perched Formula 1 showcar and messaging with a call to action that read, "Be Part of History. The World's First Formula 1 Night Race. Book Your Tickets at www.SingaporeGP.SP".

The bus stop display's unique features instantly caught the attention of passerby consumers, tourists, and numerous media outlets. The display helped generate buzz within the region and across the globe for the upcoming race.  Check out a video of the display below!