Scotiabank Gets Creative with its CFL Branding...

Is your property/league looking for new ways to promote its upcoming games?

Cocoon Branding Inc. developed a unique billboard branding strategy to drive awareness for Scotiabank's support of the Canadian Football League. Cocoon created a 'Grey Cup Hits the City' billboard campaign for Scotiabank that featured the flags of eight (8) CFL teams competing for the Grey Cup. 

As the playoffs progressed, teams eliminated in each round had their flags lowered to half mast, leading up to the final game in Winnipeg. After winning the Grey Cup, the BC Lions were rewarded with having their team's flag as the only one flying high above the rest.

How can your organization take this idea and run with it?

Organizations can create a similar billboard campaign using flags to drive awareness for their home schedule and/or roster of players:

  • Teams can feature the flags of their opponents (raising the opponent's pole above the others) to help promote upcoming home games. Organizations with short home schedules (i.e. football) can feature the flags of all home opponents, while teams with longer home schedules can dissect it by month/ticket packages/conference games, etc.
  •  Teams can use a virtual billboard to feature flags with the images of the players in the team's starting lineup to drive awareness for upcoming home games, etc.

Scotiabank's unique billboard campaign was complemented by some non-traditional guerrilla tactics, as seen below: