Licensing Lessons Learned... Beware!

To all prospective t-shirt makers: BEWARE!

Court%20Street%20Drinking%20Team%20T-Shirts%20013.jpgBefore pursuing any business ventures that involve licensing in some way, shape, or form, make sure that you are playing by the rules... licensing rules are now very complicated. You might have thought up the greatest idea (i.e. Selling "LSU Fans Smell Like Corndogs t-shirts" (because they do)), but you will want to make sure that you check the rules and regulations set forth by the Collegiate Licensing Company (now owned by IMG) and the Licensing Resource Group before acting.

Have you ever wondered why it is now so tough to find a shot glass for sale on a college campus? It is the same reason why the CLC shut down the Florida Drinking Team... and the Auburn Drinking Team... and the Georgia Drinking Team... and all the other "great" ventures - protecting University interests.

On a side note: If you want to order a Court Street Drinking Team Shirt... Let me know!