Are you Doing Anything to Reach Your Fans at Retail?

As marketers and sponsorship reps, we seem to place too much emphasis on the fans attending the games... But what are we doing to capture the thousands of individuals in our hometown markets who cannot afford a ticket or experience the thrill of the action in-venue?

I want to turn your attention to the Resources tab (in the left column), where you can access a document I posted called the Miller Power Play. The basic premise of the Miller Power Play is everytime the home team scores a power play goal, a 10:00 clock is activated on television sets throuhgout the arena, offering fans a select period to purchase an alcoholic beverage at a discounted priced. When the team scores, fans win. What is powerful about this interactive promotion is that it has retail applications. Restaurants/bars that have sponsorship ties to the team can also activate a 10:00 clock in their retail locations, offering fans seated in the bar a discount on an alcoholic beverage (in states that permit alcohol promotions). When the team wins, fans win. Who doesn't like the sound of that idea?

The Miller Power Play white paper and powerpoint go into much greater detail, so please check it out when you have a moment.

For those of you selling in the college space, this type of "interactive retail promotion" can also be applied at QSR's (everytime the team scores, consumers in-store could purchase a Whopper at a discounted price), automobile parts stores (O'Reilly's, AutoZone, etc.), C-Stores (7-Eleven, Circle K, etc.), and casual dining locations (Zaxby's, Dairy Queen Grill & Chill).

Remember the fans that cannot make it in the stadium to see the action... They have buying power too!