Super Bowl Ad Spending Works... At Least for Domino's in '08

Every year, millions of consumers around the world gather to watch the Super Bowl and its flamboyant $2.7MM advertisements... Hours are spent by analysts forecasting predictions and analyzing the :30 works of each of the big spenders... But how valuable are these ads actually for sponsors? Do we ever see supporting results?

For Dominos, their 2008 Super Bowl campaign proved to be VERY valuable.

Domino's saw the greatest the greatest increase in share of dollars spent online during this year's Super Bowl Sunday compared to an average Sunday in October during football season. The pizza chain increased its share from 20% to 31%, while the share of its two leading competitors declined (Papa Johns (-8), Pizza Hut (-4)).

Domino's dollar share surge was fueled by more purchasers (not a higher transaction size). The chain saw a 147% increase in purchasers compared to an average football Sunday in '07 (Papa Johns - 22%, Pizza Hut, 2%).

1.2MM pizzas are delivered on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the chain's busiest days. On this day, delivery workers travel nearly four (4) million miles and the company sells 1/3 more pizzas than a typical football Sunday. Orders usually increase right before kick-off and right before halftime.

Source: 2008 comScore Study