Watching Sports in 3D HD?

3d%20hd.jpgRecent news circulating the sports marketplace has FSN Southwest scheduled to show the March 25th Dallas Maverics vs. Los Angeles Clippers game in 3D HD. The live 3D HD feed will be shown at the Landmark Theatres, a venue owned by Mark Cuban.

FSN's select 3D HD telecast will mark just the third time that this has ever occured. The NBA originated the idea in 2007 with an invite only event in Las Vegas for the All-Star game and the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted a 3D HD event for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, attracting 14,000 fans. To view the action, fans wear special goggles that enables them to see the 3D content and high definition picture. Reviews from those attending the 3D HD events have been astounding thus far (as the technology makes one feel like they are sitting courtside)

For more information on past 3D HD events, click on the following links:

Media Watch:

  • Over the years, television has gone from analog to cable to HD to...soon to 3D HD?
  • Print media outlets recently unveiled 5D advertising. Through new paper engineering, sound chip technology, and aromatic printing techniques, print media will soon feature full, one-page advertisements that target consumers through an intimate three sensory mediums (sight, sound, smell). Currently, 5D cost approximately $2 per insert, a price that is figured to decrease as the 5D print technology becomes more mainstream. 5D technology will enable publishers to continue to battle the digital space for advertising dollars.