#16 Seeds Have a Chance to Win 300,000 Pizza Slices!

pizzahut.jpgPizza Hut recently came up with a great campaign to entice #16 seeds in the 2008 NCAA tournament.  The pizza chain is offering all four (4) of the #16 seed teams the chance to win nearly 38,000 one-topping Pizza Mia pizzas for their respective universities (the equivalent of 300,000 slices of pizza). If any of the teams can pull off 'the upset of a lifetime', all active students and faculty members will be eligible for free pizza.

What a great promotion to capitalize on excitement on the eve of the tournament. While the chances of redemption are highly unlikely (a #16 seed has never defeated a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament), this promotion will provide Pizza Hut with great visibility across the nation. Since 1985, none of the ninety-two (92) #16 seeds in the tournament have escaped with a victory. Will there be a suprise in 2008?

Here is a list of the #16 seed matchups in the 2008 NCAA Tournament:

  • Mississippi Valley State vs. UCLA (3/20)
  • Portland State vs. University of Kansas (3/20)
  • University of Texas-Arlington vs. Memphis (3/21)
  • TBD vs. the University of North Carolina (3/21)