Attract and Leverage Camera/Film Partnerships!

  1. American consumers have a fascination for photo booths.
  2. Fans love unique ways to capture their experience at events.

Why aren't sponsorship sales reps taking advantage of these understandings through partnerships with leading film and/or camera companies?

Here are a few unique activation tactics to consider:

  • photoboof.jpgPhotoboof is a mobile photo booth filled with bizarre props that travels to parties where people can pile in and take photos. The mobile rig instantly provides consumers with prints and drives traffic online by uploading images to a photo gallery.
    • From a sports perspective, a team can offer a Photoboof that scours fans tailgates and enables them to take pictures to capture the moment using unique team props (i.e. mascot, dancer/cheerleader outfit, replicas of trophies, etc.) 
      • Why is this attractive to a camera/film company? This program could drive web traffic (fans going online to download/see/print their photos), demonstrate proof of print quality/efficiency, and engage consumers through an "out-of-the-box" personable experience. What's great about this idea is that it eliminates the need for space to activate in-arena and is a great tactic to engage fans pre-game (Ideal for events where fans tailgate).
  • photo.jpgPolite in Public - This "new photo booth", is in essence a blend of karaoke and photography. Teams can use this technology to create a specialized background for fans to capture a picture of themselves "in the moment."
    • Idea: Offer a unique photo booth experience to fans sitting in the upper level of your arena to add incremental value at a minimal cost. Collaborating with a film/camera company to offer this exclusive photo booth will provide fans with an exceptional way to capture their experience (if possible, do this free of charge for fans). Simple in-arena tactics can leave lasting impressions enticing fans to return!

Side Note: Why don't teams use player nicknames to drive corporate partner investments? The Miami Heat could leverage Dwayne Wade's nickname, "Flash", to drive a unique team partnership with a camera company (Canon, Olympus, etc.). The Heat could offer fans the exclusive chance to rent out a new camera (at the team store, etc.) to take pictures of Flash in action (meanwhile, using the camera's flash feature). Such a simple collaborative promotion would enable consumers to trial product and drive traffic to an exclusive website where fans can download and view their photos.