Consider Leveraging Your Gas/Fuel Partnerships...

gas.jpgAs the price of gas at the pump continues to rise, have you considered leveraging your team's gas/fuel partnerships to benefit your co-workers? Summer forecasts have gas prices nearing $4.00; working in an industry where wages are competitive and the working hours are long, can teams build internal rewards into their existing partnership agreements? It is worth a thought. 

Derrick Hall and the Arizona Diamondbacks have done an amazing job re-tooling their organization by starting with an employee-focused approach. Have you considered any avenues that your team's partnerships can benefit those working in your organization (your most important, consumer/client facing assets)?

Racing USA recently announced that they would guarantee that their employees would have to pay no more than $2.85 a gallon for gasoline to come to work. This measure was developed to relieve Racing USA employees of one inflationary pressure. The company, headquartered just outside of Birmingham, AL, staffs a 10,000 square foot facility.