Slogan Database!

moncton.jpgBill Fagan, a longtime friend and Director of Sales and Service for the Moncton Wildcats Hockey Club, recently sent me an email inquiring about slogans and campaign ideas used by professional teams and university athletic departments. Fagan's internal team was brainstorming ideas regarding its vision and goals and was looking to benchmark some industry best practices.

Personally, I have never been a supporter of teams developing slogans on an annual basis (fearing that numerous messaging will underscore the overall value of the brand). However, Bill made a few great points to support the notion of using slogans at the minor league level:

  • Many franchises choose to not implement seasonal themes (often times, franchises that often sell out or are located in prime markets). However a large number of franchises, especially those among the minor league ranks, need to develop slogans that serve as a vision to bring fans together and stimulate new business. Slogans serve as a catalyst to unite both current season ticket holders and loosely affiliated consumers with the team.

With this being said, I decided to create a Slogan Database, a catalogue of team and league slogans that have been devised and implemented over the past ten (10) years. The goal of the Slogan Database is to serve as a resource for organizations looking to brainstorm and benchmark slogans and unique messaging.

To access the Slogan Database, please click here or the "Creative Branding and Slogans" link in the sidebar. If there are any slogans that you would like to contribute, please email them to or post as a comment.