Reward Those Who Team Up!

dunkin.jpgWould you be interested in carpooling with friends and colleagues if it meant that you could receive rewards and discounts from your favorite restaurants?

Dunkin' Donuts is looking to capitalize on this idea by teaming up with NuRide, Inc., the nation's largest incentive-based online ridesharing community to offer consumers a unique discount. All consumers who are using NuRide to make the environmentally safe choice to share rides will receive $5.00 off a "Box 'O Joe and a dozen donuts" that they can share with their fellow commuters and colleagues at work. With the promotion, Dunkin' Donuts joins a growing list of companies who are sponsoring NuRide participants (persons who register online, team up with neighbors to calculate driving distances and savings, and receive points redeemable for corporate partner rewards).

The big question is, how does this apply to sports?

Green Initatives: NuRide presents an opportunity for teams to demonstrate "green initiatives" without shelling out major dollars. Teams can reward fans who register with NuRide to commute to games (many franchises currently offer a bus service) with unique VIP experiences, special team memorabilia for their automobiles, and discounted prices on tickets.

QSR Activation: Teams can also use NuRide to further activate their QSR partnerships. In this case, the Boston Red Sox could leverage its relationship with Dunkin' Donuts to offer unqiue cross-promotions to NuRide registrants. Dunkin' Donuts' current promotion targets morning commuters; a partnership with the Boston Red Sox could drive their promotional agreement with NuRide during evening hours when consumers may need to stop for a coffee or a quick snack on the way to the ballgame.  

nuride.gifSome Prominent NuRide Corporate Partners Include: Applebee's, Bruegger's, Brookstone, Chevron, Rice University Athletics, Shell Oil Company, Disney on Ice, XM Satellite Radio, the Houston Zoo, Panera Bread, and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus