Dr. J Helps Nets Fans Say Yes!

erving.jpgThe New Jersey Nets recently announced that all fans who purchase season tickets for the 2008-09 season by May 30th will receive a free Nets jersey hand-signed by Julius Erving! This unique "Early Bird Special" serves as a classic example of Brett Yormark and the New Jersey Nets' ceative efforts to stimulate fan interest in-market.

Erving, considered "The Greatest Net of All-Time", never actually played for the New Jersey Nets... But do fans really care? In this case, the Nets are offering an exclusive inventory item that should sway a number of fans who are sitting on the fence with their renewal decision. Terms of Erving's involvement were not disclosed.

What to watch for: 

  • How are the Nets measuring the effectiveness of this promotional incentive?
  • Will this offer backfire in the future with season ticket holders as they might delay their decision to renew in hope of receving a free item/experience?
  • How much will season ticket renewals/new ticket sales spike as a result of this promotion?  
  • What time of media coverage will the Nets receive from this promotion?
  • Will the team find a way to leverage the Dr. J tie-in throughout the 2008 NBA season?