Demo Watch: Halfrican-Americans

dj.jpgAmerican politicians and citizens repeatedly talk about the emerging influence of minorities, Hispanics in particular, but have you ever heard of Halfrican-Americans?

The term Halfrican-American is an election away from becoming a buzzword if Barack Obama takes office. But it is so much more than a buzzword... Halfrican-Americans account for up to five (5%) of the U.S. population, including the likes of Derek Jeter, Jason Kidd, Tiger Woods, and Mariah Carey. Doug Melville of Ad Age describes a Halfrican-American an individual that is half black and half something else - they are not one or the other exclusively. In recent weeks, this demo has been a topic of conversation, stemming from buzz created by The Wall Street Journal and Rush Limbaugh.

There are niche agencies everywhere, but is there one that targets this segment of individuals? As sports marketers, are we even aware of this demographic? Are we aware of the politically correct ways to address this populous? Are we considering this in our surveys? Polls? Reports?

I just thought I would post it as something to consider...