Targeting Fans in Remote Cities?

mariners.jpgAre you looking to devise a strategy to target fans in neighboring/remote cities? Consider a recent strategy that the Seattle Mariners created to target consumers in Portland, OR, located 175 miles south of Seattle. The Mariners created a unique webpage designed solely for Portland consumers, which provides information on ticket offers, group events, promotions, transportation options, and local attractions. The dedicated webpage is titled, "Portland & The Mariners, You're Only 175 Miles Away from Blue Skies, Green Grass, and Mariners Baseball". The site even includes a sidebar that lists travel tips from select Mariners players.

The Mariners are complementing their targeted online efforts with television and radio ads in-market and an interesting outdoor marketing campaign. The team has erected two (2) billboards, one of which proclaims, "Mojo. Just 175 Miles North". The Mariners outreach efforts in Portland are considered the broadest initiatives the team has had in the past ten (10) years.