Have You Considered Player Internships?

coltsfan.jpgAre you looking to keep your organization's players out of trouble and likewise generate some quality PR? Are you looking to develop career opportunities for your players after they are done competing?

The Indianapolis Colts feature a link on their team webpage that is dedicated to finding internships for their players during the off-season. The "Player Internship" webpage copy reads:

"As part of an ongoing program to enhance their lives and post-football career opportunities, the Indianapolis Colts are always seeking off-season professional internship opportunities for their players. If your organization can provide such opportunities, the Colts would welcome the opportunity to work with you in an area mutually beneficial to the Colts, to your business and to Colts players."

The site goes on to list the contact information for Steve Champlin, Director of Player Development, and asks prospective employers to provide their contact information and a brief summary of the role.

This is a great example of a unique initiative implemented by one of the finest organizations in the NFL!

Please provide employer name, contact and a brief summary of the role.