Pushing Single Game Tickets and Flex Packs?

uncle%20sam.gifAre you trying to sell single game tickets and mult-game plans? Has the looming economy hurt your walk-up sales on game day?

Consider implementing a strategy that uses the economical struggles to your advantage: Target the economic stimulus dollars that American singles ($600) and familes ($1,200) are set to receive here in the Spring. For many adults, this "new disposable income" is just waiting to be spent. Many Americans will not see the economic stimulus as money provided to help spur their savings and investment; rather they will perceive it to be "free money" that are at their disposal to use...

Take advantage of this with your messaging!

The Fox Sports Channel recently implemented on-air promotions that reads, "Your country needs you! Help the economy and spend your government stimulus check on cool gear at FoxSoccerShop.com." A recent issue of B&C (4.7.08) reports that the idea for the campaign came to Fox Soccer Channel VP David Sternberg when he received an IRS notice about the government's forthcoming stimulus payments.

An interesting message to consider pushing your fan base!